Joker actors who have died

The Brave and The Bold 2008 Jeff Bennett, 55, best known for the voice of the mid 90s animated series Johnny Bravo 1997-2004 , took on an alternate version of the typical animated DC Universe film adaptations.

joker actors who have died

He had the right take on it. Unlike Nicholson, who made the role an extension of his silver screen persona, Ledger disappeared into the character. And more than a madman, he was an extension of Nolan toying with specific Western phobias.

Here is every actor who has ever played the Joker

The Funniest People of All Time. Return of the Joker went beyond just that.

joker actors who have died

He is, in fact, Dick Grayson, whose only mention in the original story was not being on speaking terms with Bruce. Died at 87 1907-1994.

joker actors who have died

The Animated Series , Hamill instantly became a celebrated voice talent, developing a cadence and cackle that would still be unrecognizable to Star Wars fans. I'm asking you, were there any that didn't get cut?

The Many Deaths of the Joker

Who were the other actors considered to play Voldemort? Jump directly to the content. All of which makes the prospect of a Joker origin movie being worth his time and effort that much more intriguing.

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The Devastating Story Of How The Joker Haunted Every Actor Who Played The Role

For someone with such an ill-defined identity, he sure is a fixture in the universe. Hell, even Frank Castle died at least twice in continuity.

joker actors who have died

By Olivia Waring and Joanne Kavanagh. He played a much more likable co-lead to Mel Gibson in M.

joker actors who have died

He admitted that he never thought he'd get the job, but it ended up having a huge impact on his career-to the point where voice work has dominated his IMDb page over the last couple of decades. Are there any famous actors who play League of Legends? The 'Clown Prince of Crime' may have seemed a nightmarish character when you watched the movies as a kid, but it seems the role itself comes with its own demons. And he stayed that way!

Joaquin Phoenix to Be the Next Joker — Here's Every Actor Who's Played the Iconic Supervillain

Related Questions How old was the Joker when his wife died? Warner Bros. This makes his acceptance of the Joker role all the more perplexing from the outside, especially after Ledger had gone on record saying he was not a fan of most superhero movies.