James taylor larry goldings whatever it takes

He is a longtime touring member of James Taylor 's band, and has been sought out by a wide array of performers, including Norah Jones , Madeleine Peyroux , Maceo Parker , Sia , Charlie Haden , and others.

Larry Goldings Piano Masterclass

Now, this is a brilliant way to describe what Keith Jarrett is able to do in the moment. While still in his teens, a chance encounter would afford Goldings the opportunity to study with one of the living legends of jazz piano, Keith Jarrett. This is how [saxophonist] Maceo Parker first heard Bill and me, and he later asked us both to tour and record with him.

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Emerging in the early '90s, Goldings established himself as a premier soloist on the New York scene, playing often in his trio with guitarist Peter Bernstein and drummer Bill Stewart. When he played solo piano, he walked incredible bass lines. He had me transcribe [saxophonist John] Coltrane by lending me his reel-to-reel tape recorder, so I could slow things down to half-speed. That same year, he rejoined Bernstein and Stewart for the concert album Live at Smalls.

james taylor larry goldings whatever it takes

Not long after, James asked me if I would be interested in going on the road with him. It's the fundamental training for all musicians.

Larry Goldings

But almost immediately, by way of the New School, I was leading the house band at the Village Gate jam session.

I come from a jazz background, and in jazz, the combination of piano and acoustic guitar takes great sensitivity. He crafts songs beautifully and his musical influences, like James, are vast. Over the course of a 40-year career Taylor has sold over 80 million albums, and his Greatest Hits is one of the best-selling discs of all time.

And I really got into that bass player role. Home Digital Piano. New Release. Goldings relocated from New York to Los Angeles in the summer of 2001 and continued his busy schedule.

Larry Goldings - From Jazz Club to Arena Rock

Between that and the jam session, which was more often than not on a very high level, you realized instantly what you lacked as a player, particularly in the traditional bebop or post-bop tradition. Listen to Larry Goldings now. It has just the right amount of brightness for me to make a good sonic fit with James's guitar sound.

james taylor larry goldings whatever it takes

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james taylor larry goldings whatever it takes

James Taylor may be America's most beloved singer-songwriter--in fact, they more or less coined the term just to describe his warm, introspective folk-rock. A second trio effort, Light Blue, appeared a year later, followed by the bossa nova-tinged organ session Caminhos Cruzados, which included several tracks with saxophonist Joshua Redman.

A funky, hard-bop-leaning date, it featured his trio with Bernstein and Stewart along with guest spots from saxophonists Maceo Parker , David Sanborn , and Redman , as well as trombonist Fred Wesley.