If not you then who patient safety

if not you then who patient safety

They want us to tell them what's wrong, but keep it brief, and then tell them what they need to do and why. What do I do if they occur? Using pictures can help patients remember more. A bar chart shows the following information: Slide 26. Observation Breathing Pulse Body temperature Blood pressure Oxygen levels Peak flow testing Blood glucose testing Urine testing Body mass index Assessing patient's skin Supporting medication administration Sepsis Information employers.

Promoting patient safety

In one speech he said "As a former nurse, trauma surgeon, and public health director, I realize there is a wall between us and the people we were trying to serve. Use of teach-back was associated with good glycemic control. Use Teach-Back Method. Picture shows a doctor giving medical information to a patient, who is looking perplexed. At the end of the day, it is best to use simple, clear language to avoid any opportunity for misunderstanding.

Patients were categorized as having low, marginal, or adequate literacy. Be Involved in Your Health Care The single most important way you can help to prevent errors is to be an active member of your health care team.

Principles of Nursing Practice Accountability and delegation Accountability Delegation Teamwork Valuing your role and others Working and personal relationships Setting team objectives Team meetings Care plans and protocols Care plans Protocols.

Health Literacy: Hidden Barriers and Practical Strategies

They want concrete steps. Let's look at some interesting research that was done. Most of the drawings we use in health care are too complex and are hard to figure out. Annals Inst Med 2006.

if not you then who patient safety

At least once a year, bring all of your medicines and supplements with you to your doctor. We have a lot of people who, for a variety of different reasons, are not receiving the basic education the need to function well in a healthcare system.

Patient Safety Information

Ask questions of your doctor, nurse, pharmacist, or benefits plan coordinator. If action is involved, go through every detail. What were the signs? When a person is feeling anxious, or overwhelmed with too much information, they may not be able to understand or use health information as well as normal.

if not you then who patient safety

Ask fewer questions. Non-compliance with medication. But what is clear is that his safety has been placed under threat by a number of factors: