Howa 1500 vs remington 700 vtr accessories

howa 1500 vs remington 700 vtr accessories

Your name or email address: Bought this rifle in. View All Tech Support Pages. Camming surfaces for primary extractor are at different points on the rear of the action.

howa 1500 vs remington 700 vtr accessories

Hoping to work it out a little farther. All content Copyright 1998-2018 Rifleshooter. With the.

howa 1500 vs remington 700 vtr accessories

It sports an ambedextrous design no cheekpiece and is nicely streamined for fast-handling and fast follow-up shooting. I bought a stock off the self Howa, and I feel in love with the darn thing, and I have never had any problem finding accessories for the rifle, got a Bell and Carlson stock on the way, along with a mag feed bottom metal.

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This is a hunter style stock to fit most Sako actions in both right and left hand. Those of you who know a thing or two about Bergara rifles already know two things: Personally, I find bench rest shooting to be one of my favorite past times.

Mar 18, 2012 24 0 0 34 Savannah GA. It is a lightweight and compact rifle design, but the last time I checked, Remington was quite successful with the 700LTR rifles as well as their extremely popular, and good performing, SPS Tactical rifle introduced last year.

howa 1500 vs remington 700 vtr accessories

I was amazed at the accuracy of this rifle. When we went back out for the performance evaluation, the weather was fairly nice at about 45 degrees in the early morning with calm wind, which made nice shooting conditions.

Hunter 700 Stock – Remington® 700 Short Action

The hornady had 5 groups and held. The first thing we noticed is that the muzzlebrake really was not that effective at reducing felt recoil.

Tech Tip: Building a Howa Rifle

Also, many people seemed to gut the ice cube tray area of the stock to do this. Pete Lincoln Sergeant Commercial Supporter. They build custom spec rifles everytime they make one. These are some of the things I would like to find out before I spend the money. Here is an article Mel did: I had no problems,very consistant. After extensive research and a lot of back an forth on the performance of the gun I always wait to see what something can do for myself, because a Chevy owner will say any ford sucks, vice versa, and gun owners are no different I came to the conclusion that the accuracy loss is due primarily to the stock.

howa 1500 vs remington 700 vtr accessories

I would go remington - more established track record of quality and accuracy. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.