How to winterize pool heater

Which could lead to an explosion.

how to winterize pool heater

I'm afraid to compromise it if it is not in fact a bolt. Remove the drain plugs from it there may be one or two ; they'd trap water inside, which is bad.

Clean out the pool.

This small adapter will help greatly with this process. Lakewood, New Jersey 08701 Tel.

how to winterize pool heater

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how to winterize pool heater

Our friendly and knowledgeable team of pool experts are here to help - we're just a call, click or email away! Almost all of the water will blow out of the heater in the first few seconds once you turn the blower on.

how to winterize pool heater

Once you've drained the pump, turn it on for just a second or two no moreā€”the seal is vulnerable to damage to expel any remaining water from the impeller.

If this happens to you then you will need to tap and thread chase this location which requires drilling and a tap set.

How do I drain the water from my Hayward heater for the winter

Subscribe for our Promotions. This picture shows the main gas line valve that is installed on the feed line just adjacent to the heater. If one of them fails, or has a slow leak, this could result in enough gas building up in the heater that a spark could ignite an explosion. It is brass.

Winterizing Steps

As with ball valves, the orientation of the lines on these types of gas valves will indicate closed when the lines are perpendicular to the gas line, and open when the lines are parallel to the gas line. Plastic drain plugs can be removed and do not need to be reinstalled until you re-open your pool. The winter cover.

Pool Equipment Winterizing

Customer Service Request Product Info. The joy of having a pool heater is enjoying a swim even as the days start to turn a bit colder.

how to winterize pool heater

A shop vacuum and a leaf blower are both tools you can use for this task. For insurance, turn it upside down once and dump any excess water out. Wait until spring, when you can conveniently run pool water through the system to rinse it out.