How to use rpm command aix

AIX: Installing RPM files for the wizard mode

The configure script gets the software ready based on performing queries about the characteristics of your system. The software installation process begins at this point.

how to use rpm command aix

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RPM Command: 15 Examples to Install, Uninstall, Upgrade, Query RPM Packages

Note that the version of RPM installed is 'ancient'. Select the cdrecord and mtools packages, and press Enter. You should properly create a patch file one patch per issue and apply on the source code while building RPMs.

how to use rpm command aix

The rpm program discovered an existing package of the same name and version level, so it did not replace the package. Subscribe me to comment notifications. The rpm command is also used as a build tool to create other RPM packages. Sayani August 17, 2015, 1: What commands can be used to install the different types of packaging? Abhishek February 3, 2017, 3: First, of course, you need to locate and download the source itself into your AIX system.

Adding open source applications to your AIX system

To remove an installed rpm package using -e as shown below. How does rpm -i know where to look for the rpm file? If I have a package which is a dependency how do I find out what other programs need this package? All the native AIX product file sets are provided in the installp format.

how to use rpm command aix

These directory groupings cover a broad range of applications, shell environments, network applications, development tools, application libraries, and so on.

It might be easy to understand if you follow along with an existing spec file. After saving the backup of the original file, patch will be applied to the target files and then usual RPM build can be proceeded.