How to shoot macro underwater

Shooting Tip: Shooting macro forces us to slow down and observe the endless photo opportunities that surround us while diving. Luckily my housing allows me access to this switch.

Quick Tips for Great Underwater Macro Images

Tip 1: Some subjects you will want to pass over because there is no chance of a good moment or presentation. This means using higher F-stop numbers. Most modern cameras have a macro mode which you can use to get some great results. This technique can be used to keep the main subject well isolated from the background, which this comes in handy when the background is distracting rocks, coral or other disturbing structures right behind the subject.

how to shoot macro underwater

If your housing allows it, it is a good idea to investigate and buy clip on lenses or extension tubes to enable you to either get closer or get a larger reproduction of the critter you are shooting. Follow us on. Most compact cameras have a macro mode designated by the flower symbol , which reconfigures the zoom mechanism in the camera to allow closer focus.

how to shoot macro underwater

They best subjects not only ignore divers and let them get close, but the subject itself does not tend to move a lot in its everyday activity. Sign up today! Depending on the subject and how easily my camera is focusing, I will switch between C continuous and S single-shot focus modes. Bluewater Photo Black Friday Preview 2018. If you have a cropped sensor camera and the old style FX 60 mm lens then you get a crop factor and your focal length is around 85mm — which is brilliant for even very tiny subjects.

Strobes were fairly close in to reduce shadows and maximize the great colors. Skip to Main Content Area. Balanced Light Story of the Shot: Bluewater Travel is your full-service scuba travel agency.

Macro Underwater Photography

Patience waiting a long time for the right moment, great single-strobe lighting from the top note the shadows , and excellent focus and composition all helped make this a great Harlequin shrimp photo. Backscatter pro client Howard Hall shares his stunning footage of giant kelp forests and his top shooting techniques.

When and where to go in Africa, and with whom. The idea behind is to have the sandy ground reflect the strobe light.

how to shoot macro underwater

Login Register Login. As in most types of underwater photography, if you think you're close enough, it pays to get even closer.