How to put on armor minecraft ipad

how to put on armor minecraft ipad

Rollback Post to Revision RollBack. I know you are all going to call me an idiot.

Stop complaining and deal with it you pansies. Please enable JavaScript to get the best experience from this site. But is there any way to wear armor in creative mode? You're invincible in Creative mode!!!

Quote from doctorseaweed. I dont think so, because if you press "e" or "i", there will be a screen with unlimited items on creative.

how to put on armor minecraft ipad

And, if you're really desperate to, you could put the armor in a chest, turn the game mode to Survival for a minute There's like 30 tools to do it, yo can find one somewhere , equip the armor, and change the mode back.

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Jump to Forum. Java Edition Creative Mode Is there anyway to put on armor?

How to Make WOLF ARMOR in Minecraft Pocket Edition

I think that would do it. Using INVEdit for a pc or inside job for a mac you can put armor on yourself.

how to put on armor minecraft ipad

No, there isn't a way. If you liked my post, be sure to vote it up! But why would you want to???

How to Put on Armor in Minecraft

This site works best with JavaScript enabled. Why wouldn't you want to wear armor? Previous Thread. Posts Quoted: Look on my "About Me" page for the rest of my stuff. Next Thread.