How to play ice climbers ssbb minus

Joined Dec 30, 2007 Messages 65. Like said, it only hits targetboxes, and those aren't common. Wolydarg said: They have limited enjoyability to the majority of players. Fierce deity link - talk. If Nana gets sent flying vertically off stage, she'll shoot ice blocks on her way back down, as to make getting back to the stage safer. Joined Jul 29, 2008 Messages 24,021 Location Grancypher. I wanted this up before today though because I'm gonna be far too busy to do anything else with it this week.

And they aren't really THAT important. Now that its really close to the ToC it doesn't seem to make sense to be there. New posts. Lain is possibly the best of them all however.

Ice Climbers hate

Can someone explain to me what all the hate for ICs is about? Dev2000 Smash Lord May 6, 2009. Where is information coming from? Could someone point me to the confirmation notice?


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