How to play angry birds mattel games

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how to play angry birds mattel games

Retrieved from " https: Two to five players are required to play the game. Besides rolling the dice, a player can play one Special Power card at a turn, whether the dice roll was successful or not.

how to play angry birds mattel games

Contact Us Privacy Policy Sitemap. The fourth pile of cards is the hardest level in that the play does not build a design from the card.

Angry Birds Card Game

To knock out the x2 card, one must roll any two matching birds. Each player is dealt six Structure cards to be arranged in a line to form a "castle", and two Special Power cards which must be faced away from the other players.

Thus, the more games in the series one owns, the longer and more varied the gameplay.

how to play angry birds mattel games

Website optional. The objective of the game is to discard all Structure cards and knock down the King Pig with a flick of the die. The other player then builds the structure, complete with pigs placed into the design. The game continues until one player reaches 1,000 points.

Points are awarded for every pig that is brought down by the slingshot. Angry Birds, like my kids, are on thin ice.

how to play angry birds mattel games

Subscribe to our Feed via RSS. Otherwise, take the cards and put them in a used car pile. Once built, the first player has a sling shot and uses it with the designated birds to try to destroy the structure. Points are awarded based on a scale supplied by the game with a score of zero points being possible on a turn. The game comes with four levels of play.

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Angry Birds on Thin Ice Rules: How do you Play Angry Birds on Thin Ice?

Sign In Don't have an account? Playable on player's turn only Pig: Blokus Board Game Rules: Most players start the game from level one and continue to level three.

how to play angry birds mattel games

Throwing the Wild side all five birds in one sticker of either die allows the player to knock out whatever first card s he has regardless of the other die, including the x2 card, the as it indicates that "any bird" can be knocked out.