How to pack a bike box cardboard

how to pack a bike box cardboard

Ditto for water-bottle cages. You can assure the bike's safe arrival at its final destination if you box, and pack, it properly.

how to pack a bike box cardboard

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How to pack your road bike for a trip abroad

Secondary menu. Turn the cranks parallel and pad the bottom of the chainring. Add padding if needed. Cardboard boxes are a cheap way to pack your bike… but not very good Andrew Dodd. Remove your pedals, tri-bars or anything else that will leave part of the bike hanging out of the case.

Unless your bag has a hard base then the bike goes in the bag upside down to protect the chainrings. Take the handlebars and strap them to the top tube. Your box needs to be large enough to fit your bike parks into it as well as strong enough to survive the transit process intact. Deals Find a deal: If you are sending the lights, only send them with their original packaging.

Also, quite often no necessary to remove rear wheel — most bikes are shipped with it still attached from manufacturer.

How To Pack Your Bike Ready For Shipping

Thanks for any tips. Make sure it's attached securely so that it can't fall out during shipping. To create this article, 15 people, some anonymous, worked to edit and improve it over time. And make sure that no part of the bars or stem can bang into the frame or rim. While dedicated bike boxes offer the best protection, almost all bikes make the arduous journey from manufacturer to retailer in nothing more than a cardboard carton and very few sustain damage along the way.

Here is an easier way to box your bike: Travelling with your bike.

how to pack a bike box cardboard

How do you guys pack up the racks? You can use bubble wrap, cardboard tubing or an appropriately cushioned packing material.