How to make mini book with paper

Use a diagonal fold to make a backwards J shape.

how to make mini book with paper

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how to make mini book with paper

Make the same hotdog-style long and skinny fold that you made near the beginning of the project. Your booklet is now ready to use!

DIY Mini Notebook From A Sheet Of Paper

Method 3. There are a few different ways to do this — the easiest is probably to think of the top half of the doors as one single unit and fold the top edge down until it appears that the unfolded paper below is about the same thickness as the doubled-up portion, then fold and adjust manually until you get your proportions just right.

Sep 28, 2018. Line the crease you just made up with the central crease running down the center of the doors vertically and press to fold. Suhail suhail 2 years ago.

how to make mini book with paper

If you're using patterned origami paper, the "doors" should have this pattern. Again, fold the bottom edge up to the top edge, and then unfold. Turn your paper and fold it in half. Grab the top edge of the folded paper and fold it across itself diagonally.

How to Make a 9 Page Booklet out of Paper

Add more bags for more pages. This method turns a few ordinary paper bags into a booklet that's a little bigger than the eight page booklet described above. Take one of your paper bags and lay it on the table or work area in front of you so that the flap is facing up.

how to make mini book with paper

You can make a cover for your little paper book by getting some thicker paper, cutting it to just a little taller than the book, and wrap it around the book, leaving some extra paper on each end to tuck in, just like a real book jacket.

Fold the top left section down behind the lower section.

how to make mini book with paper

The central folds should "accordion" to form eight pages, while the backsides of the outer sections should form the front and back covers.