How to make maifun rice sticks

You may hear of the famous beef ho fun. Tips To cook noodle nests, soak in 2 liters 0.

Singapore Mai Fun

They share lots of similarities but popular in different region. SB Saz Back Mar 21, 2017. Close Log in You must be logged in to interact with the activity feed.

how to make maifun rice sticks

Singapore Mai Fun 2 recipe photos. Allow the noodles to soak for 7 to 10 minutes or until they just start separating. Like what you see here? Did this article help you?

how to make maifun rice sticks

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how to make maifun rice sticks

Calories 597 Calories from Fat 135. Mei Fun. Done or Cancel. Serve in stir-fries. Usually, I re-soak them in the previous night. Transfer out and drain completely.

Rice Stick Noodles Stir Fry

No Results. We have fresh rice stick noodles, but it might be quite hard to find outside China. Thanks for the feedback, Jackie.