How to make a easy bird kite

Craft Supplies to Make Artificial Birds.

Very Simple Kite

If you're using a reel of cotton, you might like to thread a pen or pencil through the barrel, which will allow the thread to unreel freely. Please feel free to post pictures of your kite in the comments. The essential thing with this step is to only bend the corners down. Sounds so easy! A bird kite that uses actual bird feathers can give the appearance of a bird in flight, and you can have children search for their own feathers to use for the project, though purchased or synthetic feathers work great as well.

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How to Make a Bird Kite

Go on, show off your awesome decorating skills! Drop the bird kite a few feet above the ground to see if it floats smoothly to the ground. Carve out a wide egg shape for the middle of the body and taper it down to a small knob at the both ends for the head and tail feathers.

If it's too heavy it won't be able to fly! JessD1 4 years ago on Step 6. Reply 3 years ago on Introduction. She has also worked with Fortune 50 tech and financial companies, both in technical support and content production. Reply 7 years ago on Step 6.

how to make a easy bird kite

Hannahkah 2 years ago. Release your kite with one hand while holding the string in the other.

how to make a easy bird kite

How to Make a Head for a Bird Costume. JessD1 4 years ago on Step 5. About a metre and a half, I think. I've yet to test this kite fully, but I've seen another vid that suggests clipping at 2.

I'd be tempted to put a light tail on it as well for stability. Dogs are my reason for existing. It also stays higher in a lighter breeze. CreativeCrafts2015 3 years ago.

how to make a easy bird kite

Related Content. For those people wanting a bigger kite, maybe you could just get a large piece of thin cardboard!?