How to help students read difficult texts

Helping Difficult Students Read Difficult Texts

By now, your students have heard the text at least twice, if not three times. Moreover, the texts they read often contain technical terms, terms used in unusual ways, terms requiring extensive contextual knowledge, or terms that have undergone meaning changes over time. All rights reserved. Tomorrow's Teaching and Learning. Armed with a yellow highlighter but with no apparent strategy for using it and hampered by lack of knowledge of how skilled readers actually go about reading, our students often feel overwhelmed by college reading assignments.

Besides adjusting reading strategy to purpose, students need to team to adjust reading strategy to genre. Then have them watch as you model your thinking as you read the text.

how to help students read difficult texts

They have difficulty perceiving a real author writing for a real reason out of a real historical moment. Search Results Header Enter your keywords.

Teaching Strategies to Instill Honesty.

Get Students to Interact with Difficult Texts for Every Subject

Mission Statement Mission Statement At TeachHUB it is our mission to improve the quality of education by making available the most current, complete and affordable resources for all K-12 Educators. Sternberg 1987 argues that college students-facing enormous amounts of reading- must learn to distinguish among different reading purposes and adjust their reading speed accordingly.

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how to help students read difficult texts

Have your class write your secret code down the side of their paper. Read the text aloud to your class.

how to help students read difficult texts

Students tend to read all texts as if they were textbooks-linearly from first to last page-looking for facts and information that can be highlighted with a yellow marker. The aim of this chapter is to suggest ways that we can help students become stronger readers, empowered by the strategies that we ourselves use when we encounter difficult texts.

Inadequate vocabulary hampers the reading comprehension of many students.

reading difficult texts

Look for an article, a passage from a text you are using in class, etc. They read a difficult text a second and a third time, considering first readings as approximations or rough drafts. Former students of all ages can help the teaching profession and are uniquely...

Helping Students Read Difficult Texts

That way, the students learn the procedure without having the additional pressure of needing to master the subject matter too. Rather, they need to be taught to read powerfully. Our students need to learn that the way a proficient reader approaches an article about a historic event or a chapter from their math book is very different from how they interact with a novel or a poem.

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