How to free xenu in pocket god

This is a walkthrough for Ep 47: This is an all-star update, and we thank all our contributors at parrygripp.

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Who is he? In-house Genre: Find all the tasks for an episode and acquire a God Idol! Kill zombies in Decapithon, race aliens in HoverJump, and battle dragons on Uranus.

how to free xenu in pocket god

Place red closet gem on the closet pedestal top right 72. Can you find all the hidden surprises? Tom says "I feel the need for speed" 27. Possess Pygmy with angry thetan 48.

Toggle the symbols in specific configurations see the help, or our blog for a guide to the configurations to activate underwater finger powers, heat, cold, acid, oil and air.

how to free xenu in pocket god

Jan 21, 2014. Past the disco lies the Closet Room, where you must rescue the new guest-Pygmy Tom from his prison! This update comes with a whole new "Island of Misfit Crossovers" that can be reached through the Pygmies' dreams.

how to free xenu in pocket god

Ayuda a los pygmies a contraatacar con la lanza. No episodes!

Ep 47: Apocalypse, Ow!

Tom slams closet door 13. Place baby in Tom's Arms. Spawn blue purification gem put pygmy in purification fountain 62. Place the yellow plague gem on plague pedestal middle right 70. Cause Pygmy to explode Thetans tap below meter twice. Boil a pygmy alive, freeze him in ice, douse him with petroleum, disintegrate him with acid or encase him in an air bubble! Also with this episode is the Shark Pack! It's the year of the End...

how to free xenu in pocket god

Place purple dance gem on dance pedestal middle left. It can only be stopped by collecting all the seven colorful gems inside the temple, and placing them on their matching pedestals. Enter The Closet Room 2. Open Apocalypse Clock Secret Door. Game Center Reta a tus amigos y consulta las clasificaciones y los logros.