How to cut through kitchen grease

Squirt a tablespoon or two of dish soap into the water, and use a sponge with an attached nylon-scouring pad as your grease-killing weapon. Method 3.

10 Easy Chemical-Free Ways to Clean Every Kitchen Grease Problem

For more tips on cleaning greasy kitchen cabinets, like how to use baking soda to clean extra sticky surfaces, keep reading! Eliminate light grease by misting cabinets with vinegar. Commercial grease cleaners can do the trick for most messes, but if you don't have any products on hand or you're anti-chemical , what else can you do? Fill a canning jar three-quarters full of citrus peels and top it off with white vinegar. For the best results, apply the vinegar when the surface is hot -- so if it's a cooking tool like a pot or a broiling pan apply the vinegar just after you've used it or reheated it.

Apply the same way you would its commercial counterpart.

5 Great Ways to Clean Grease

Whether you prefer all-natural cleaners or sticking to supplies you already have around the house, you can also make your own citrusy cleaning solution in just a few steps. And as a mild alkali, it is good for dissolving grease in water.

how to cut through kitchen grease

The cleaning paste should be quite thick. Use a sponge dipped in the solution, but not dripping wet, to gently work the grease and grime out. Baking Soda -- The Everyday Miracle. Cut Through the Gunk.

how to cut through kitchen grease

For tougher jobs, a slightly more abrasive cleaner may be necessary. Vinegar is not just for pickling veggies or drizzling over French fries.

how to cut through kitchen grease

Yes No. Then, use a sponge or microfiber cloth dampened with warm water to gently remove the grease.

how to cut through kitchen grease

Use a non-abrasive sponge or soft, lint-free dishcloth to lightly scrub the paste on your cabinets. University of Wisconsin: Mix it with 2-parts baking soda for improved cleaning qualities. Depending on which text editor you're pasting into, you might have to add the italics to the site name.

How To: Remove Grease From Kitchen Cabinets

Wet your dishcloth again in the detergent solution and wring out excess moisture. And elbow grease isn't always enough to tackle the baked-on gunk found in a well-used kitchen.

Take care to only lightly apply cleaner to the surface of your cabinets.