How to close the pop-up window

Swipe the tab away. To play it safe, you should right-click the pop-up ad in your taskbar and select Close from the menu.

Safely Close a Malware Pop-up window

How to close a malware pop-up or pop-under window so that you don't inadvertantly give the malware permission to install on your computer.

Force-close the web browser.

how to close the pop-up window

Thank you for your feedback! And no, I will not click resend as I have no idea what I'll be sending. You will lose anything you were working on in other tabs, so only do this step if nothing else has helped.

how to close the pop-up window

Install an ad blocker in your web browser. Right click on the button and select Close.

Don't Close That Pop-Up Window

Method 1. Philippines - English. Click the outline of a box where a close button would be. Normally, the button and the pop-up will have the same title.

How to close a pop-up window if Microsoft Edge isn't responding

Tap the tab icon at the bottom right corner of Safari. Singapore - English. Select Microsoft Edge , and then End task.

How to stop showing Windows help and support pop-up in windows 7 - disable window help and support

Even if your browser is set to block pop-ups you're still going to get some because no pop-up blocker is perfect. Application User Agent: Method 2. An added complication in dealing with pop-ups is that many websites use them not for advertising but for legitimate purposes--for login windows, for example--or to display information you've requested.

how to close the pop-up window

To avoid accidentally infecting your computer, some security experts recommend that you click on the X in the upper right corner of the pop-up window rather than using the buttons within the pop-up.

New Zealand - English.

how to close the pop-up window

Last Updated: South Africa - English. Chosen Solution I managed to close it by going fullscreen, switching applications, right-click on window, close. United Kingdom - English.

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I need to call the close function from within the popup itself... When you browse the web with a Windows computer you're sometimes presented with pop-up windows--and "pop-under" windows that you don't notice until you close your main browser window. If this solved your problem, mark as solution. Deutschland - Deutsch.