How to appeal property tax assessment nj

Complete the form detailing your name and personal information in addition to the current tax year's assessment details and the assessment you plan to request. We serve the following localities: If the town and assessor refuse to agree to reducing your taxes during negotiations, we will present your case to the county board of taxation Our tax appeal attorneys represent homeowners and taxpayers in property tax appeals throughout New Jersey.

Process for Residential Property Tax Appeals

File your petition along with the necessary filing fee indicated on the form on or before April 1 of the current tax year via mail or in person at:. Personal Services Practice. The filing deadline for your tax appeal is May 1st if the municipality conducted a town-wide revaluation.

how to appeal property tax assessment nj

While you will probably have a good idea of whether you are paying too much, you will need to have a certified private assessor do a formal assessment of your property.

Determining Whether I Should Appeal My Property Taxes Once you have received the notice of assessment, you can determine whether you should appeal your property taxes.

Property Administration

Contact Us Now: If you miss it, you must wait another year. Price, Renee. Because the assessed value is not the actual value, you can be fooled into thinking you are paying less taxes, than you should, when you are actually paying more property taxes than you should.

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NJ Property Tax Appeal Series - Assessment Cards

Gather additional evidence such as recent home sales of other properties in your neighborhood comparable to your own in aspects of recent sales price, zoning, square footage, age and style of construction. Property Tax Appeals.

how to appeal property tax assessment nj

Step 1 Hire a home appraiser to determine the current and fair market value of your home. The Filing Deadline The filing deadline is April 1st in almost all cases 2014, Monmouth County is using an experimental program using January 15th or 45 days after mailing of the notices whatever is later, as the deadline.

Hire a home appraiser to determine the current and fair market value of your home.

Should You Challenge Your Property Tax Assessment in New Jersey?

Contact Us. Contact Us To Appeal Your Property Taxes We have a high rate of success appealing property taxes for people and businesses throughout the state of New Jersey, both through negotiating reductions and pursuing appeals to challenge the assessments. Most towns will not engage in meaningful negotiations unless you have actually filed an appeal and given them an expert assessment.

how to appeal property tax assessment nj

We can help, and this is how.