How stuff works laserjet 1200

This old article from the Times archive describes the arrival of affordable laser printers in 1984.

how stuff works laserjet 1200

Retrieved from https: Find More Posts by mjewell. Are laser printers bad for you?

Hp 1200 Series Won't Print Anymore

I get no response.. World Geography. UsmanBashir Replied on February 10, 2013. If you need to reset your password, click here. Well, I know I certainly wouldn't buy it, but most people will have no clue about page count.

how stuff works laserjet 1200

Moderator et Subscriptor. I got a new HP computer today with Windows 8 preinstalled and when i tried to connect my LJ1200 it does not identify it as a printer. To get it going again, I will probably have to replace whatever component it is that has stopped working. In the mid-1980s, as computers became more popular with small businesses, people wanted machines that could produce letters and reports as quickly as dot-matrix printers but with the same kind of print quality they could get from old-fashioned typewriters.

When I was a field-tech, I had to do a service call for an LJ4 with over 400,000 pages on it.

What do you consider a "large page count" for a Laserjet?

Visit nesware's homepage! Here's What to Do How to Fix: It worked like a charm. Glorfindel Ars Praefectus Registered: Xerox might have developed the technology, but it was HP and Apple who sold it to the world!

how stuff works laserjet 1200

So I find it puzzling why it still does a great job of printing, but won't print. Where the laser beam hits the drum, it erases the positive charge that was there and creates an area of negative charge instead.

How to Fix: HP Laserjet 1200 Won't Recognize in Windows 10

With an inkjet printer , it's easy to see how that happens: Not to mention the only maint we give it is a new toner cart and fresh paper. The laser scanner creates the image.

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How Laser Printers Work

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