How long to distill vodka

Heat the wash in the still to begin the distillation process.

how long to distill vodka

Depending on what you decide to make your vodka out of, you may need to add enzymes to help convert the starches into sugar. Alternatively, sprout your own corn over the course of 3 days and make a mash from it without added malted grain. Label the bottles with custom labels if desired.

How to distill vodka

Did this summary help you? You may want to add a sugar solution at this time. Dilute the vodka to the desired strength.

how long to distill vodka

If you find a good use let me know. Also, many Russian distillers, who lost their livelihood when the Bolsheviks confiscated all private distilleries after the Revolution of 1919, escaped to the US and brought with them their trade vodka secrets and dreams to start again. Use a wort chiller to cool mash to 70-75 degrees.

Distill Vodka to Make Everclear

It replaces the sugar made from the broken down starch; therefore, replacing the mash. Stills heat the fermented, relatively-low alcoholic wash to a temperature that is greater than the boiling point of alcohol, yet less than the boiling point of water. Vodkas tend to be clear and are not aged in barrels.

how long to distill vodka

The end result simply comes down to a matter of taste and government regulations. Join the ProBrewer mailing list Email Address required. Pour in about to the half way mark the everclear.

how long to distill vodka

Fermentation usually lasts for 3-5 days. Yes, you can use honey! Insert clean copper packing material into the column of the still this stuff should be super high proof, so you'll want as much reflux action as possible. Information provided by Bavarian-Holstein Partners. SkottyG dafunk22 Reply 1 year ago.