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Before death, Antigona oscillates between mother and woman: For the 'portenos', it is time to forget. It was a speech cele- brating the triumph of the female vote.

Gambaro's Antigona not only dramatizes the 'dirty war'.

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Gilberte Lavache; Marraine: His memory brought up an episode relating to the central concern in Vodou cosmology with the propriety of funeral rites. Click here to sign up. Like Marechal's Facundo, Corifeo manipulates flowers, but, unlike Marechal's Antigona, Gambaro's will not be sacrificed as a flower. The First National Census of 1869 shows that half the population in schools was female; by 1895 they could enter university.

An Argentine Tradition 79 If the Mofhers-Antigonas responded to military contingency, Gambaro's 1986 Antigona, in turn, responded to two contingencies: The great precursor of the Argentine Antigones of the twentieth century was Varela's 1824 Argia, adapted from Vittorio Alfieri's two 1782 tragedies Anti- gone and Polynices, for the stage of the revolutionary port of Buenos Aires.

She puts the crown of flowers on her head and prepares her body, with a twist of her neck, for the final self-hanging. Varela's plot has Creon kidnap the son of Polynices and Argia, Lisandro.

Creon proposes marriage to Argia, so that she can save her son and stop the war; Argia begs Creon as a mother, but rejects him as a woman.

Dreamboat Vampires and Zombie Capitalists

He gives us the second panoramic vision of this history when he says to his son, 'For this city we confronted everything. She protects and is served by men rather than women; she is known to be jealous and to demand exclusive attention; when speaking to her, flattery is the strategy. Gertha Eugene; Tiresias: The Producers is based around the character of Max Bialystock, a down and out Broadway producer whose latest work flopped on opening night.


Twelve mothers were disappeared during dictatorship. Those whose bodies die while their symbolic selves linger constitute an entirely different breed.

In Moriso's times, Creole was not considered a language in its own right, in spite of the fact that only 10 per cent of the population could speak French. There will always be a little female and her open body thrown at the altar of the fatherland's phallus.

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