How do bike rollers work

How to ride on rollers

All the while knowing that in order to have a good race we have to activate the mind, body, and specific muscle firing patterns to prepare for the intensity of the race or workout.

As a High Performance coach, you should always look for ways to optimize what tools you have and how they can make you better. With rollers, you are constantly challenged by balance and movement so that you must be focused and aware.

how do bike rollers work

All rights reserved. Getting on and clipping in Ensure the bike is in a moderately sized gear for mounting.

Bike Trainer vs. Rollers: What’s the Difference?

Focus on scooping through at the bottom of the stroke and pushing over the top. Practice stopping and starting and note how the bike becomes more stable the faster and smoother your pedal and the more relaxed you are.

how do bike rollers work

When moving hand positions, keep your hand and arms relaxed and gently move your hands one at a time. Submit Feedback. To link accounts please enter your British Cycling password. Rollers are very lightweight and easy to travel with.

how do bike rollers work

So you can stand up and even sprint and the bike will move underneath you naturally. Tilting the bike slightly away from the wall may aid this.

How to Choose Between Bike Rollers or a Trainer

Intermediate Find out more. Novice riders may want to wear trainers, rather than clip-in shoes, and consider wearing a helmet until they can start, stop and ride confidently on the rollers.

how do bike rollers work

By concentrating on key aspects of the pedal stroke when roller riding you can go a long way towards minimising the dead spots at the top and bottom of the stroke, and improving efficiency.

Recover — spin easily in medium gear. CON — Less stable for hard, out of saddle efforts. Post-race or as an easy morning ride, they are highly effective at flushing toxins out of the muscles. Returns and Exchanges. Well, yes and no.