How can we follow jesus example

Already answered Not a question Bad question Other. If you want to follow Jesus and allow this devotion to reshape your life in the image of Christ, you need to learn about Him in the Bible, not on cable news specials, street tracts, or the sermons of a preacher.

While you don't necessarily need to hit the highway and live like a minister, a full time disciple, student or missionary to follow Jesus, it's important to know that you also don't need to be a person of wealth, status, speaking skills or other achievement.

6 Ways to Follow Jesus’ Example of Serving Others

My, what a clear and resonant call! The Christian Bible, taken by most Christians to be the "Word of God," is a document with a fascinating and a storied history worth studying. Interpreters [bold] word choices can change the sense, feel, and impact of crucial texts and make a text seem more casual.

how can we follow jesus example

We successfully accomplished the mission. But my advice is to smart small. Want more information about Bible Gateway Plus? But, there are also some cautions in using Jesus as our example which we will look at in the next post. Learn more...

how can we follow jesus example

Teaching Idea Ask those you teach to work in pairs to plan a family home evening lesson based on a section of the chapter. Memorize Luke 18: Jesus died on the cross and he went through his pain and died for our sins. Teach others about Jesus, when you're ready. Scriptures tell us of Jesus who said "I am the truth, the life, the way. Talk more about Jesus.

5 Ways to Follow Jesus Christ by Serving

He loved and showed compassion to everyone. Bear your load, and help others bear theirs; tell the truth, and hear the truth, being as happy, patient and kind as possible, through it all. See other places, read other types of books, embrace counter-arguments and other ways of thinking.

how can we follow jesus example

No believer is without it. What can we learn from His example during the last part of His mortal life?

Following the Example of Jesus Christ

This means delegating authority for decisions about how the work will be done and providing adequate resources for subordinates to carry out the tasks for which they will be held accountable. By using the site, you agree to the use of cookies.

how can we follow jesus example

Consider organizing a mission trip at your church, or participating in one. AK Ariel Knott Nov 25, 2016. So some of her neighbors and those in her church do exactly what Jesus does for us each day— they lift her.

Not Helpful 3 Helpful 4. In the Bible, the story of Jesus appears in the four gospels -- the books Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John -- which all tell the story of Jesus with somewhat different ordering and content.