How can forests prevent floods in chennai

how can forests prevent floods in chennai

Chennai floods not linked to global warming: Since the late 1990s, Santhanam and his family watched in horror as buildings cropped up. The last century records have shown that there were several catastrophic flooding in Chennai in 1943, 1978, 1985, 2002 and 2005 … These events of catastrophic flooding were found to be attributable to the failure of major rivers and other drainage systems.

Urban jungle Cities offer the most obvious example of how human development is making flooding worse.

how can forests prevent floods in chennai

To determine whether the humble tree really can provide such robust defences, we first need to understand the role they play in soaking up excess rain water. Mathavan have mapped flood-prone areas such as Velachery, identifying the gaps to monitor the civic infrastructure developments towards flood mitigation.

Tree planting 'can reduce flooding'

Without understanding the fundamentals of the city, we have been developing and constructing all kinds of buildings. Residents with expertise in engineering, supported by researchers, analysed reasons for flooding in Velachery. In response to the devastating floods in November and December 2015 in Chennai, the research looks at the recovery efforts following the disaster.

how can forests prevent floods in chennai

Work that was afoot to convert more water to land was stopped only after local fisherfolk physically blocked it and made a complaint to the Tamil Nadu Coastal Zone Management Authority. There are 3,600 tanks in Tiruvallur and Kanchipuram.

Perungalathur lake encroachment: How serious is government about preventing another Chennai flood?

In urban areas, the ground surface is covered by impermeable buildings and roads, which rapidly divert rainfall into gutters and drains. Hidden away in two tables in an urban masterplan are entries that hint at the impending flooding woes of North Chennai.

Trees which are planted as a part of Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems SUDS schemes — in which rainfall is deliberately diverted into swales , hollows and soakaways — could be even more effective.

There are also a range of other factors, which might be affecting our results, such as soil type, slope, and whether the trees are positioned next to streams and rivers.

A river is a lot more than a line of flowing water. Final CMDA map, 2016.

how can forests prevent floods in chennai

Unfortunately, though SUDS schemes are increasingly popular, little research has been carried out to monitor their effectiveness at reducing runoff. Never miss a great news story! Share this Comment: At the meeting, initial results from the field work conducted during the months of October and November would be presented to residents, followed by a discussion on how to strengthen the community-authority interplay and how to remove barriers of community involvement in the recovery process. In a rare display of cooperative federalism, city, state and central governments are now actively working to change that.

Residents brainstorm to prevent flooding

ET NOW. These are then loaded onto two boats and taken to a point close to the shore where a JCB loader picks it up. Hariparanthaman to visit the creek and hear their grievances.

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