How a serger sewing machine works

Continue to 5 of 6 below. But as the time flew, the modern sewing machine has become more and more efficient. Take your serger out of the closet!

how a serger sewing machine works

Use tweezers to help you get the thread through the tight spots on the machine. This article was co-authored by our trained team of editors and researchers who validated it for accuracy and comprehensiveness.

But you know what? If you are a beginner at this sector and want to learn how to sew clothes, you will find it easier than most of the other work. Push your fabric under the needles and foot.

Understanding a Serger or Overlocking Sewing Machine

You can create different stitches and different results with the number of threads you use on the serger. By adjusting the cutting width, differential feed and thread tension, you can create different types of stitches. Ready-to-wear garments are all hemmed with a coverstitch machine, and since I like my garments to look as ready-to-wear as possible, the coverstitch function on my serger gets a workout.

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how a serger sewing machine works

But the serger can do all these works simultaneously. Perfect for Industrial Uses As to the industries, time is money- they better change their old sewing machines with the new ones.

Now choose wisely according to your needs and preferences.

Why You're Gonna Love Sewing With Your Serger

Most sergers use four spools of thread: Pros of a Sewing Machine over a Serger: Want more? But the sewing machines usually needs to be controlled according to necessary.

Finally, sergers come with a blade that can slice off excess fabric as you stitch. Sew With Your Serger: Create beautiful scarves, designer pillows and chic bags using only your serger! Learn more. Inspect the looped thread. The feet on the overlock sewing machine should help push the fabric through. Yes, with this stitch, if you pull the wrong thread, the whole thing pulls out!

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how a serger sewing machine works

A Brief Introduction to Sewing Machine A sewing machine is the device that is able to stitch all kinds of fabric altogether in just a blink of eye.