Horizon on the middle of nowhere mal

Has a very merry personality, and is good friends with Nenji. Shindou, Kei Japanese.

horizon on the middle of nowhere mal

CJayTiii All reviews 7 people found this review helpful. Episodes 1-5 take place on the first day April 20th, 1648 TE , while 6-13 take place on the following day April 21st, 1648 TE.

horizon on the middle of nowhere mal

The humans living in the Harmonic Divine States lose their land and invade the original world. At first I was inclined to dislike him because of the hardships I felt he put Masazumi through what with the sex change operation and all that , but I ended up changing my mind. Both series has a wide variety of characters. That guy is a pro. Manga Volumes: Because my dream will never die.

Toori "Impossible" Aoi

Edit Character Information. Help improve our database by adding background information here. More Top Anime 1 Fullmetal Alchemist: Hirakawa Daisuke. Jun 15, 2012. Sentai Filmworks.

Socially awkward, taciturn, and very blunt with words. Naruze, Malga Supporting. A country that places high importance on having pure-blooded lineage, the situation with its successors is…complex. Even creating new words based on the changed situation of the world…these are the kind of little details that I love.

horizon on the middle of nowhere mal

Kyoukaisenjou no Horizon: Musashi Supporting. An aerial-type half-dragon aiming to be an inquisition officer. Add to Favorites.

horizon on the middle of nowhere mal

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Horizon "P-01s" Ariadust

Both series are based off of light novels. The contract allows him to "share everything he owns to anybody else" with exception of sadness, which counts as a corruption of the contract and he will die as a result of this.

Both also has very long dialogue and monologue but Kyoukaisenjou no Horizon has more action than Log Horizon. A highly talented ninja, excelling in ninjutsu and intelligence gathering.