Haagen dazs how its made bowling ball

haagen dazs how its made bowling ball

Alternate Versions. The company now offers a free branded freezer chest to any store interested in stocking its product on the floor. At Rex Creamery, the dairy that makes Halo Top's ice cream mixes, executives wondered what was going on.

Made in SA: Bowling balls on a roll

IMDb Everywhere. A small-time one in Van Nuys agreed to let him come in on the weekend and use the six-gallon mixer. He did standup at open mics in coffee shops, telling bad jokes. Clear your history. In the months that followed, serendipitous things began to happen.

How is your delicious ice-cream REALLY made? The secrets behind the creamy treat revealed

The savings were then used on ads that drove traffic to those specific stores. In November, they debuted the first of 10 planned retail locations.

Play slideshow. While league bowling has been declining, Sellers sees recreational bowling on an upswing. Rate This.

Bowling Balls/Barber Poles/Felt/Radar Guns

Fortunately, Los Angeles has plenty to offer the young and aimless: Halo Top's distribution expanded into supermarkets across the country. Bouton persuaded stores to discount their slotting fees.

haagen dazs how its made bowling ball

He assembled his early recipes like crude equations, adding Greek yogurt to berries, then adding stevia--a low-calorie, plant-based sweetener that had recently become popular--and hoping the mixture, once blended and frozen, would equal ice cream. Woolverton would continue to be chief food scientist, and run marketing and finance. Nothing about the way Woolverton and Bouton run the company is traditional--not its product, its marketing, or even its workday.

haagen dazs how its made bowling ball

Soon Woolverton was phoning independent manufacturers, known in the industry as co-packers. In the past year, Breyers, the ice cream brand owned by Unilever, introduced a low-calorie, high-protein ice cream with the calorie count printed in big letters on the container, just like Halo Top. They worried that if they failed to fill their orders, a big competitor could clone their product, ramp up production, and push them off the shelves. He varied the amounts he combined, figuring out how much stevia was needed for just the right level of sweetness.

They also manufacture their own line of high-end bowling balls, with catchy names like Freight Train, Jewel and Dirty Look.

haagen dazs how its made bowling ball

Meanwhile, the founders are working to stifle their competitors.