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France received its shock a month later when an opinion poll showed that if elections were to be held today, the far-right leader Marine le Pen would win the first round. For decades, politi- cians and journalists have been growing closer together. While the resulting policy reforms are generally appreciated as a feminist success aimed at freeing women from gender discrimination and empowering them, concerns have increasingly been raised by prominent scholars and activists about the co-optation of feminist values in the process of translating the feminist agenda to policies at work in national contexts.

Daniel Treisman, January 25 Photo: Being an East German meant retaining faith in the idea of Germany even though many West Germans, who needed it less, had given up on reunification. When I was growing up in the G. The idea of an unbridgeable gulf separating males from females, which has become part and parcel of European culture, was established in late eighteenth century natural philosophy. Certainly, the supposed episteme shift Foucault described does not characterize the German thinkers he used to justify it, many of whom had turned to Naturphilosophie to structure their vision of what a new science could and should explain.

Undeniably, there is a significant performance gap between worldclass male and world-class female athletes. Beck Verlag, 2011 Hitler vs. Islamismus ist eine Religion von Idioten.

However, the iaaf announced that Semenya would be able to keep her world title and the prize money and on July 6, 2010, eleven months after the World Championships, fi-.

Will it come from the top, as in the past in Russia? Findings show the vulnerability to the co-optation of policies framed in this way and the potential of participatory forms of policy-making and implementation to guarantee against such co-optation.

Ageing European publics are torn between the need to welcome immigrants in order to preserve their welfare state and the fear that the inflow of immigrants will destroy the cultural identity of European societies.

They had special access to the realm of news, often they maintained good. Sharen mit: Any aide or friend who betrays the smallest confidence is cast out. As a result, it was relatively late in the Muslim engagement with Western economic powers that there emerged a broad-based and self-conscious concern with formulating a systemic Islamic response to modern economic challenges, particularly with regard to the production of distinctly Islamic goods and services rather than the early vetting of.

The Germans retaliated, in unprecedented fashion, by expelling the C. Further analysis is clearly necessary to this end. Given the very low productivity in some Russian sectors— and in some firms within given sectors—there are huge opportunities for gains of this kind.