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He told to patients that white composite fillings always fall out, which was absolutely true. When you go to your Law and Ethic exam and if you don't pass I hope you will asked them. Hi how long did it take until you received your rda license? Check some other posts. Jackie in Tucson, Arizona.

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Regardless of the spelling and grammatical errors you presented to this forum, you should check yourself as well. Just send an email reply with a brief introduction of yourself and your resume.

erika howell fresno ca craigslist

And also is there anything else I need before I apply? Where exactly do I go to?

My friend also passed but didn't recieve anything. It is considered impolite to use all caps. I tried to find some information for my Law in Ethic Exam in some web site but couldn't.

I would sugest to check your local regional occupational centers to see if they offer this program so you son't have to pay an arm and a leg for it I attend SoCal Roc wich in a regional occupational center in the city of Torrance, Ca.

erika howell fresno ca craigslist

This product will create an antibacterial barrier between the filling and a VERY deep area in the tooth but does not bond to the dentin. My girlfriend and her two friends passed.

Cecilia in Temecula, California.

RDA test, is easy or not?

And ask them what u need to do Reply. It's not worth over studying!!!

erika howell fresno ca craigslist

Yu can call them. Liliana in Bakersfield, California.

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Lauren Robinson in Lakewood, California 87 months ago. Composite Restorations: Upload your resume Sign in.

erika howell fresno ca craigslist

Do you pay? Exams can change, but in my exam, there were NO X-ray questions at all.