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Last Christmas. The Doctor notes Scotland demands independence from every planet they land on. As they walk away, the Doctor explains to Bill that he doesn't have a plan yet, but he acted like he had one to make sure idiots didn't cause more trouble by trying to think up their own plans. The Runaway Bride.

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This woman was the first person to die here, and before that, everything was happy. The Snowmen. They head further inside, while Bill's badge shows her happy, the Doctor's shows him as puzzled.

However, the Doctor counters that he IS guarding it, as his time machine can take him back to right when he left. She wonders if the Doctor can stretch his arms like Mr. Bill screams in terror, as the Doctor tells her to smile.

Season 22: The Doctor kindly asks Nardole to make tea. Series 9: They run out the room, as the teary-eyed Emojibot changes to show the same emoji that it showed when the women were killed. Unlike the rest of the set up team, this woman is a corpse instead of a pile of bones; the Doctor states she died of natural causes, but all the other deaths weren't natural.

Seemingly responding to the Doctor's puzzlement, a swarm of Vardy wait outside the building. Doctor Who. Bill sarcastically asks if she hurt their feelings.

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The Doctor tells her any direction, as space is curved; he asks if she's wanting to go back. His mood changes to a puzzled emoji. Agreeing with her, the Doctor and Bill move past the Emojibots, now bearing annoyed faces, but still poised to attack.

Bill is disappointed with the robots; the Doctor tells her not to say such things, as it's rude.

Season 23: The Doctor's Meditation. The Key to Time: Costume Designer Hayley Nebauer. The Fan Show. Bill states the future, because she wants to see if it's happy.