Bjs brewhouse coupons june 2012 calendar

The terms of any future offering of securities would be established at the time of such offering subject to market conditions.

bjs brewhouse coupons june 2012 calendar

However, in light of current conditions in the credit and real estate development markets, there can be no assurance that such allowances will continue to be available to us. This results in some variability in occupancy expense as a percentage of revenues over the term of the lease in restaurants where we pay contingent rent.

bjs brewhouse coupons june 2012 calendar

We currently have two leases for restaurant locations that will expire during the next nine months, and we are currently evaluating the desirability of renewing those leases. Occupancy and operating. In thousands. This percentage decrease was primarily due to our ability to leverage the fixed and semi-fixed component of these expenses as a result of higher comparable sales. These statements may be contained in our filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission, in our press releases, in other written communications, and in oral statements made by or with the approval of one of our authorized officers.

bjs brewhouse coupons june 2012 calendar

Changes in assets and liabilities: Log In. Impairment of Long-Lived Assets. The following table presents a reconciliation of basic and diluted net income per share computations and the number of dilutive securities stock options and restricted stock units that were included in the dilutive net income per share computation in thousands.

Net cash provided by operating activities. Non-current investments. Our revenues are comprised of food and beverage sales at our restaurants.

The court issued an order finally approving the settlement and entered judgment in February 2011. It has seen a growth spurt in recent years and now has 117 locations, including 57 in California and 24 in Texas.

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Our fundamental corporate finance philosophy is to maintain a conservative balance sheet in order to support our long-term restaurant expansion plan with sufficient financial flexibility; to provide the financial resources necessary to protect and enhance the competitiveness of our restaurant and brewing operations; and, to provide a prudent level of financial capacity to manage the risks and uncertainties of conducting our business operations on a larger scale.

Proceeds from exercise of stock options.

bjs brewhouse coupons june 2012 calendar

Our increasing dependence on contract brewers could have an adverse effect on our operations if they cease to supply us with our proprietary beer. The following table presents information related to stock-based compensation in thousands: Thus, we are able to sell many of our inventory items before we have to pay our suppliers for such items.

To date, we have not been ordered to pay punitive damages with respect to any claims, but there can be no assurance that punitive damages will not be awarded with respect to any future claims.

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Mark One. Our operations are susceptible to changes in our food, energy and supply costs, which could adversely affect our profitability. Total costs and expenses. The financial statements presented herein include all material adjustments consisting of normal recurring adjustments which are, in the opinion of management, necessary for a fair statement of the financial condition, results of operations and cash flows for the period.