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In this growth of Mughal Dhaka the general characteristics of a Mughal city are noticeable. With the passage of time the entire city grew in a natural way, although it has some parts which have been deliberately created in the recent past by the designers, albeit in a fragmented way. The dead-end passages sometimes cut deep inside the urban block presenting a series of sharp turns. Kahn, Paul Rudolph, and educational process. To compensate the central dome two middle stage, huge black columns appear suddenly.

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General characteristics of the Spatial Structure of Dhaka From the study presented here, some general comments can now be made for the city of Dhaka. Break of cultural Secretariat Building. Cultural Survey of Bangladesh in this region and also gave directions to the future of spatial and structural innovation culminated in development of architecture in Bangladesh. With the rise of population pressure the high lands spreading towards the north came to be occupied.

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In the map of 1916 , the global integration core was pushed towards the north near the Ramna Garden where the newly- planned, relatively orthogonal grid was being introduced. The curriculum of Architectural pleasantness.

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It was only in the late 1960s that architects started 2. Within the successive stages of growth, two dominant urban patterns are conspicuous in Dhaka; they are the historical core or 'old Dhaka' and the later development towards the north, known as 'new Dhaka'.

Their street layout follows a rigid gridiron pattern with some semicircular arcs.

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The areas within each cluster seem to be naturally grouped together. Cultural Survey of Bangladesh aspects of the architectural development during the projects such as Hotel Shahbag present post colonial period in East Pakistan. Although the city has experienced a gradual growth physically, certain stages were significant and had retained their own morphological character in spite of later growth. Although the Independence, indeed, Thariani was the busiest newly erected buildings had shown some architectural consulting firm designing industries improvement, they were largely unsatisfactory.

Studentlitterature 19. Major discussion concentrates on the global spatial structure of the organic city and investigates the dynamics of its growth and the characteristics of morphological transformations through the ages.