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The rest of them habitually made mistakes and violated simple union contract by-laws. Excellent pay and incredible benefits. The long layoff forced me to consider new opportunities.

associated wholesalers inc pa

The company wasn't perfect, but it was a great company to work for in its heyday. There were only a handful of decent supervisors. Upload your resume Sign in.

The best part of the job was my co-workers. Although I worked in a "satellite" environment, my direct supervisors at AWI were always available.

associated wholesalers inc pa

For jobs in Russia, visit ru. My supervisor was an awesome person that I learned so much from.

associated wholesalers inc pa

And after breaking my back for the company for so many years, I wanted to leave on my own terms. My heart just wasn't in it to return. I loved my job and had been thinking that would be where I would retire.

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It was very physically demanding, and involved continuously lifting products between 5-95 pounds while under a time limit. Review this company. I picked orders in the perishable department for nearly 7 years. I declined to return for a variety of reasons.

associated wholesalers inc pa

It was a true union job; so working with management could be difficult at times. There's too many wonderful things that I can say about this part of my tenure there.

Overall rating 3.