Yoigoshi hen higurashi when they cry

The day before the Watanagashi Festival, Mion calls Shion instructing her to take a call from Satoshi in her place. As the men drive in the direction opposite to that of the suicide party car, Arakawa soon realizes that there is something strange about these police officers.


Before she is able to explain her motive for murder, they are ambushed by men in black suits. Shion becomes very upset as Satoshi shows up to practice less and less often. After an intense shouting match between Shion and Oryou, Shion is made to peel three of her own fingernails, one for Kasai, one for her uncle Yoshiro who assisted her while in Okinomiya, and one for Satoshi.

They aren't alone in the village.

yoigoshi hen higurashi when they cry

Ranked 1146 Popularity 1512 Members 6,122. For many months, Shion pores over information regarding Oyashiro-sama's curse and its relationship to Satoshi's disappearance.

yoigoshi hen higurashi when they cry

Though skeptical of his motives, Shion accepts and has Mion take Satoko to the Festival the following night. The next morning, Arakawa awakens to see that Miyuki had left earlier in the morning.


The following day, Rika visits Shion at the Sonozaki house asking for soy sauce. Shortly after, Satoshi is questioned by detective Kuraudo Ooishi regarding the murder. Shion is quickly released from the police station and is escorted to the Sonozaki residence by lackeys of the Sonozaki family. The Ritual Equipment Temple's Basement 07 48. Shion is pleased to feel the presence of "Satoshi" and becomes worried whenever the presence disappears.

After escaping, she meets up with Kasai Tatsuyoshi who chauffeurs her to an apartment in Okinomiya. Arakawa, Ryunosuke Main. Miyo joins Shion and lends her notes on the curse to Shion for study.

yoigoshi hen higurashi when they cry

Shion drags the pair of them down to the Sonozaki torture chamber and proceeds to lock up Mion and prepare Oryou for torture. More characters.

Once they get there, they are attacked by more men in black. What happened to him and those he met in Hinamizawa remained a mystery. Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Matsuri.

yoigoshi hen higurashi when they cry

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