Wtf moments in anime what does shoujo

For the most part, viewers are just wishing for death to befall the contemptible Makoto.

wtf moments in anime what does shoujo

The group of beings then offered Griffith a position among them if he would sacrifice his comrades. He happily looks back at their past and a passionate kiss they shared with each other. After removing a sword from Tohru's back, the two share a drink, ending with Kobayashi inviting Tohru to her place. You're left screaming, "No way! Indeed, from the first scenes of the movie alone, viewers immediately knew that they were in for a very memorable ride.

Top 10 WTF Moments in Anime [Best Recommendations]

Anime Recommendations [Article Category]. When she is discovered, there is a pool of blood surrounding her body. The final episode of the Berserk anime is probably the most WTF moment in anime out there.

wtf moments in anime what does shoujo

Well, in the last minutes of the last episode, he finally gets what he deserves, in the form of a vengeful Sekai. Originally packaged as a conventional magical girl show with adorable moe characters and a cute mascot, this anime sucker punched viewers on its third episode by killing off Mami, a character that has been built up as an awesome, endearing magical girl from the first episode.

Did that just happen?

wtf moments in anime what does shoujo

After a series of episodes that are no less than awesome, Panty and Stocking eventually triumph over their adversaries, and all seems well. Proceed with caution though, since some entries in this list are a bit… well, extreme. Still, this doesn't mean that surprisingly violent anime scenes can't be found in other genres.

Apparently, everything! Previous Articles.

wtf moments in anime what does shoujo

However, before everyone can celebrate the victory, Charlotte reanimates and transforms into a huge caterpillar monster. Kemonozume is a fairly unique anime despite a premise that has already been done in the past.

Eventually though, the anime paced itself out, showing each plot progression very well. In fact, many series have anime violence you didn't expect to see - even the cute Mahou Shoujo magical girl type!

Top 10 WTF Transformation Scenes in Anime (ft. Todd Haberkorn)

Of course, with anime being anime, there are tons more out there. As it turns out, she has a really huge crush on Euphemia, and this eventually turns into an obsession. In a lot of ways, the boys were asking for it.