Whonix gateway vs workstations

Forgetting to turn the gateway off is more innocuous and at worst it can attract unnecessary attention but not revealing the sensitive information. Help is wanted and welcomed.

Dev/Multiple Whonix-Workstations

If using Qubes-Whonix , complete these steps. This is because Tor onion services can be made to talk by connecting to them. For Virtualbox it only encrypts the disk. You can ignore this, because the external network interface is firewalled. On Whonix-Workstation in an additional isolated network.

If you want to connect to a Whonix-Gateway over insecure, untrusted, or unknown foreign networks internet:. It will now loudly complain, that Tor is listening on all IPs that that may not be what you want. Please consider a recurring payment for your Priority Support! But if you now use the gateway as workstation in your setup then you have everything in the gateway.

Read, understand and agree to Conditions for Contributions to Whonix , then Edit! However - OpenVPN is a full machine to machine connection, while ssh is easily port restricted. Whonix requires money to stay alive. Undocumented If you are using a graphical Whonix-Gateway , complete the following steps.

Connections between Whonix-Gateway and Whonix-Workstation

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How to install Whonix in oracle virtual box on windows

I am experimenting with Whonix 14 Gateway and it works very well, a huge step forward compared to 13. For the same reason, connections to Whonix-Gateway over the internet are also not recommended.