Who wrote the top gun soundtrack lyrics

It was Bruckheimer who came up with Loggins' name in the first place, knowing him from his work on the title track to Footloose. Baby Loves to Rock Live 33. One fateful day, Whitlock was helping his friend move some speakers at a studio in the Valley when he overheard someone stomping down the hallway cursing.

who wrote the top gun soundtrack lyrics

T Top Gun Lyrics. And the most part of other songs is fast and shouting. Loggins got the call asking if he wanted to sing "Danger Zone" when he was in the studio finishing up recording a different song for the Top Gun soundtrack, "Playing with the Boys.

Welcome to the Danger Zone: The Story Behind Kenny Loggins's 'Danger Zone'

Reach Out 2. Bruckheimer, Simpson, and Dilbeck agreed to listen to all of the songs together, under the condition that if any one of them didn't like a song in the first five seconds, they would move on to the next one. Big Eyes Live 41. Getting Better [Live] 44.

Sabre Dance Provided 4.

Top Gun soundtrack lyrics

Flame 20. I Dig Go-Go Girls 12.

who wrote the top gun soundtrack lyrics

The House Is Rockin' 23. I just really wanted an up-tempo thing for my show, and I thought it would be fun to have a movie song. That 70's Show Theme Song 52.

Top Gun lyrics

Whitlock and Loggins met at a house in Encino, California to go over the lyrics, with Loggins adding some ideas of his own. He would also work on his own songs, finally getting one of Moroder's publishers' attention.

If Brian De Palma wanted bagels, I got bagels.

who wrote the top gun soundtrack lyrics

Too Much Live 78.