Where the mulcair river flows

where the mulcair river flows

Gavyn Date: To take a ramble down the banks, where the Mulcair river flows. On the sleeve of the C. I think many of us will appreciate this.

Where the Mulkear river flows

Jim Dixon Date: DT Lyrics: My late mother sang it all the time and told me her father wrote it. It sounds like a good flute or whistle tune. What you hear on that cut is a fine male voice Cahill, if I had to guess accompanied by piano and guitar.

You can also hear a sound sample of the first verse. His style is kind of 'modern folk' with guitar. Fair play.

where the mulcair river flows

And so tonight, my comrades bright, I'll bid you all adieu And as I finish those last few lines, I'll quickly tell to you Train up your youth, to hunt and shoot, with gun and dog to go And kill the game that still remains, where the Mulcair River flows. Murrihy the spelling is Mulchaire, but my ordnance survey road atlas gives Mulkear. The hills of Derk and of Brackile, 'tis amongst you I'd remain Where I could pass my time away, round lovely Pallasgreen Fond memories oft times bring me back, to the days long, long ago, When I used to ramble down the banks, where the Mulcair River flows.

where the mulcair river flows

Does anyone know older people now living in Doon, Co. I like it a lot.

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It's there I've spent my youthful days, in merriment and glee. I had searched for the words and thrilled to finally find it. Where the Mulcair River Flows Gavyn. There is a review of the album at CDRoots.

where the mulcair river flows

It's colleen's fair, I do declare, 'tis with them I would go. But, for those who are interested, I found 2 recordings on Spotify: It is often confused with Newport Town which has the same air I believe.

Where The Mulcair River Flows - Denis Carey & Denis Ryan