Where is woody browns manu kai

2010: Woody Brown (1912-2008) — father of the modern catamaran

Your email address will not be published. Contemporary footage of Torrey Pines Flight Park where Woody revisits a facility he helped to create Woody fell in love with an English beauty name Elizabeth Sellon known as Betty who shared his love of adventure and disdain for the trappings of society. More Woody Brown classic cars for sale.

where is woody browns manu kai

Family reunion footage, including first meeting between Woody and his grown son, Jeffrey. Woody is like a modern Thoreau on a surfboard, living in harmony with the world around him, alive to the possibilities of each new day, and following his own singular vision of how to be in the world. His documentaries have received over 70 international awards and have been broadcast on PBS and in 16 countries.

where is woody browns manu kai

Woody in early glider. Search for: Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Hi Ned I tried. I do remember that.

Manakai Catamaran

Aloha, Ned. So long before catamarans became the latest craze for cruising, the charter business was thriving in Hawaii and a handful of NW sailors were getting excited about building their own multihulls—including me! In 1955, they made the first catamaran voyage between Hawaii and California to prove the seaworthiness of the design and qualify for the Trans-Pac race.

Woody soon tired of the racing game and returned to the islands, became a farmer, and continued surfing until he was 90.

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Will assist with shipping if outside the area but shipping is the buyers responsibility. But Woody found the wildly enthusiastic crowds that attended a parade in his honor in Wichita Falls, Texas to be frightening. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

Historic Hawaiian Catamaran

He special ordered the boat direct from Honolulu and it was made specially for him. Woody interviewed at the Hawaii International Film Festival.

Whitebeard Hi Ned I tried. In 1981, I designed and built my own small boat, but for various reasons it was a trimaran. Mystere Model: His joyful, entertaining and inspirational story deserves to be told to the widest audience possible. I have one too. Woody Brown 1912-2008 — father of the modern catamaran Posted on December 5, 2015 by seamarsh.

where is woody browns manu kai

The chosen distributor would reach all educational and non-theatrical markets for videos on health, the elderly and healthy aging. Clovis, California, United States.

where is woody browns manu kai

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