When was the space shuttle program cancelled

when was the space shuttle program cancelled

Jun 7, 2018, 04: This process was largely complete in 2008. Many locals, from hotel housekeepers to the mayor, are angry. January 2014 Setting out a new long-range plan for NASA, he added, will take some time, but should not be drawn out.

Less than five months after he became president, on the date of June 9, 1977, Carter wrote the following in his White House Diary: Carter returned to Kennedy Space Center in 2002. Ergo I say, alas, SLS is sadly probably a worse approach. Tech Times' biggest stories, delivered to your inbox.

Why Did NASA End The Space Shuttle Program?

After gaining that knowledge, the board made this recommendation: Dates for that retirement in the next decade are already being talked about.

But Carter, according to Kraft, had just returned from Strategic Arms Limitation Talks SALT in Vienna, and he had spoken with the Soviet leader, Leonid Brezhnev, about how the United States was going to be able to fly the shuttle over Moscow continuously to ensure they were compliant with the agreements. What do we think is more important?

when was the space shuttle program cancelled

The Houston area has already lost about 2,000 space shuttle jobs — government and private contractors — in the past several months, Mitchell said. At the root of my skepticism was this simple fact—Jimmy Carter was no great friend to the space program or, at least initially, the shuttle.

when was the space shuttle program cancelled

Something that will generate even more money will likely be built because Houston's economy is starting to fly again, Mitchell said. Space Shuttle Operations and Infrastructure: The absence of a clear mission after ISS assembly complete. Project Zero Impact: It wasn't just the money though. Space on NBCNews.

NASA grieves over canceled program

This lot is too valuable to remain empty for long. As we sat in recliners upstairs, in a den overlooking the Bay Oaks Country Club, Kraft told me about a time the space shuttle almost got canceled.

Future funding decisions will be guided by the progress we make in achieving our goals. Houston would not be getting one of the retired shuttle's to display. If the space shuttle program was a success, why there is no new generation?

when was the space shuttle program cancelled

They retired with the Shuttle. Mayor Parker, although a Democrat like the president, called the decision a political one.

when was the space shuttle program cancelled

The problem was that building brand new spacecraft that have new missions means developing new technologies.