When singing what is a facet

Poor planning rattles countless young performers — they get lost when traveling to venues, bring the wro ng clothes, or forget spare strings or parts. Zoom H4n Recorder.

Ask a Pianist - Singing Tone Basics: Facet 2: Understand your Body

OK Read more. That trick?

when singing what is a facet

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when singing what is a facet

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The 5 Facets of Performance Preparation

Search for: We know how to prepare thoroughly. Your use of our site indicates your consent to our use of Cookies. Share on Facebook Share. Share on Google Plus Share. Unlike less-experienced musicians, who are often jittery at shows, we veterans approach the stage with enthusiasm because we have a trick up our sleeves.

when singing what is a facet

The 5 Facets of Performance Preparation by Gerald Klickstein Oct 9, 2011 creative process , music performance , performance anxiety. Performing takes strength.

when singing what is a facet