When china discovered the world 1421 website

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when china discovered the world 1421 website

This book tells the story of the men and women of Fighter Command who worked tirelessly in air bases scattered throughout Britain to thwart the Nazis. Specific ships: Gavin Menzies Skip to content. Our research team was set up to receive and disseminate all information received via this website, from the 2000 or so visitors that log onto it each day.

when china discovered the world 1421 website

The Year China Discovered the World, as "the historical equivalent of stories about Elvis Presley in Tesco and close encounters with alien hamsters".

The new book, 1434, is not so sensational but more far-reaching.

New PBS Documentary, "1421: When China Discovered the World," Re-writes Global History in 2004

In it, he contends that Chinese advances in science, art and technology - brought by a cultural delegation that sailed first to Cairo and arrived in Tuscany in 1434 - shaped the Renaissance. There exists a range of wrecks of the ships from these voyages spread around the world, and these are proof of the voyages claimed by Menzies.

when china discovered the world 1421 website

Random House Canada, 2006. Menzies as having taken place.

when china discovered the world 1421 website

It has sold a million copies worldwide, and run to 24 editions in 135 countries. Gavin Menzies. In this book Menzies intentionally distorts known materials and deliberately alters known facts in order to support his thesis.

when china discovered the world 1421 website

Pearson Broadband is committed to discovering new and different ways to create, package and distribute relevant and accessible learning-related experiences. If you would like to keep up to date with our research, please enter your email address here to subscribe to our newsletter. Menzies, a British amateur historian and former submarine commander in the Royal Navy, poses an argument that could change the way we perceive global history forever -- that Chinese admirals discovered America and Chinese junks first circled the earth.

The cartographic anomalies which Mr.

Gavin Menzies: mad as a snake - or a visionary?

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