What is wikileaks definition of democracy

what is wikileaks definition of democracy

War on secrecy? Oh my, my.

what is wikileaks definition of democracy

If so, what are they? The Pentagon has produced a draft. With its anonymous drop box, WikiLeaks provides an avenue for every government official, every bureaucrat, and every corporate worker, who becomes privy to damning information that their institution wants to hide but the public needs to know. Wednesday 8 dec 2010, 19.

What Is WikiLeaks? Everything you need to know

Well, I'll tell you about this. The purpose is to foster the application of a particular theoretical approach and conceptualization of information and systems to issues where such information displays its greatest complexity because of its technological, social, and political context. In many cases, it is easier for journalists or investigators to confirm the existence of a known document through official channels such as an FOI law or legal discovery than it is to find this information when starting from nothing.

The people from WikiLeaks should have the sense to understand what can go to public and what should be kept secret.

Tom Binns. Did I hear someone say: But then it would have been no "secret" anymore.

How to Think About WikiLeaks

Our countrymen suffer calamities because of lack of investment in our country. Yet we are further from this standard than ever.

what is wikileaks definition of democracy

Leaks News About Partners. Contrast this to an open and frank way of doing business. Criminalization by itself may lead to practical difficulties as it is shown further below in this article. Potter Stewart had a go at defining such a balance in his Pentagon papers opinion in 1971. Its only weakness is the occasional equivocating: Or as Pogo said, "we have met the enemy, and he is us.

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It is appropriate, at this stage, to question the use of sheer word "government", without qualifying it about whether it should be considered as "legitimate", often equated by us Westerners with "democratic".

And so what? Congressman Pete King has called for WikiLeaks' designation as a terrorist organization. What is the difference between these cases? But that was much too late. Tor is an encrypted anonymising network that makes it harder to intercept internet communications, or see where communications are coming from or going to.