What is vladimir putin net worth

Not only is he a looming, ominous presence that has reportedly thrown our political system into chaos.

what is vladimir putin net worth

In 2012, though, a new estimate surfaced: But we also have reports from inside Russia that say Putin earns a lot of his money through extortion and theft.

Then there are the reports that he loves expensive watches and clothes. They say that Putin has access to public assets and companies to use as piggy banks, and has a sort of extortion scheme with a number of Russian oligarchs. He keeps the whole thing a bit of a mystery. He could be the richest man in the world.

How Much Is Vladimir Putin Worth, and How Does He Spend It?

Russians are struggling while Putin profits. Despite humble beginnings, he eventually went to law school and became an intelligence officer in the Russian military. But compared to Putin? We do know that he has holdings in a number of Russian companies.

what is vladimir putin net worth

There are reports that he also has a personal armada of vehicles , including yachts, helicopters, and more than 40 airplanes. How much is Vladimir Putin really worth, how did he come by all that money, and what does he do with it?

How is Puting holding onto all of that money?

Vladimir Putin’s £150 BILLION life of luxury PICTURED as World Cup hits Russia

That estimate was based on his stake in Russian energy interests, among other things. Putin, the long-serving President of the Russian Federation, has been a prominent figure on the world stage for years now.

He went to Moscow in 1996 to work under President Boris Yeltsin. He maintains firm control of the country. Vladimir Putin.

Putin net worth: How much is Vladimir Putin worth? Is he richer than Donald Trump?

Putin has wealth hidden in all sorts of different assets — be it investments, real estate, vehicles, etc. We know that Putin is rich.

what is vladimir putin net worth

He reportedly has more 20 palaces and villas. Even more. Putin is also, by most counts, incredibly wealthy. He may very well have hundreds of billions, but nobody can prove it.