What is promoterless gene

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what is promoterless gene

Direct gene transfer into protoplasts is an alternative method to Agrobacterium tumefaciens mediated gene transfer in plants. Authors Authors and affiliations B.

Thank you Nayeem991 for your detailed response; I have a better understanding of how these transposons are used and will refer to the article for more information.

what is promoterless gene

Suppose "A" is a gene which is related to bacterial biofilm formation. Sohn 1 J. The beta galactosidase assay will give you the idea about the expression level of gene A, as lacZ was expressed under the promoter of gene A.

I have a slight grasp on your explanation.

Promoterless Reporter Genes and Their Use in Plant Gene Transformation

Hi Nayeem991, I understand your explanation of the first question; however, I think my second question wasn't worded adequately to express my confusion. Such short term experiments are useful to elucidate conditions for DNA delivery or to test promoter constructions. Skip to main content. This process is experimental and the keywords may be updated as the learning algorithm improves.

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I am making you clear with an example.... Thank you in advance Ted. Schell 1 H. How does one identify or locate the gene in which the transposon inserted itself?

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Klein R. The transposon is promoterless in order to respond to the activity level of the promoter of the gene in which the transposon inserted itself into, and not to its own promoter. You want to study the expression level of gene A under some some stimuli.. I am studying an article on bacterial biofilms in which the researcher created "a library of random insertion mutants generated with a MudX transposon carrying a promoterless lacZ gene", and I want to know the behavior of a promoterless operon in order to understand why they were used in this study.

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what is promoterless gene

I had two follow up questions that I hope someone can also answer: ENW EndNote.