What is infoman mainframe

Mainframe information is best learned from hands in and a little help from your friendly admin. Perhaps as a life-long Windows of Unix user you're not keen on trying 3270, but I have had no problems with it after I got used to it. It is entirely command based and this is a good thing, you'll fly through panels faster than you can click graphical elements. This is simply experimentation with how you handle lines, blank spaces, etc to see what suits.

what is infoman mainframe

Moreover, the utility does not require extensive experience with either TSPs or assembler programming. Want to add to the discussion?

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What is Infoman?

Give your answer: Hello there. Contents Menu. Nitin Dobhal Feb 14th, 2007. Submit a new text post. It suports change management and problem resolution. The revolution in systems management can be less intimidating with Tivoli on hand.

If you insert characters and push the last character in the field outside of the field's limits, you'll lock the screen.

InfoMan Interface

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what is infoman mainframe

Familiarise yourselfwith the software you have. Submit a new link.

what is infoman mainframe

Also, doesn't InfoMan have a graphical web interface? Log in or sign up in seconds. Connect With Us: This site uses cookies to deliver our services and to show you relevant ads and job listings. As for your concerns, I find them lacking substance. InfoMan is a new add-on that provides Web interfaces to existing 3270 InfoMan applications.

what is infoman mainframe

The Master The Mainframe competition. It works well enough, and is highly customizable.