What is golden key chapter standards

The joining fee pays for membership benefits: Did you recently transfer to the university from another institution?

Where Does Your Chapter Stand?

Golden Key membership has grown to a network of over 2 million members from more than 190 countries. Have you moved or been married? Golden Key was founded on the principle that any student who meets the established academic criteria can become a member and access the benefits offered.

Like this: When and how was Golden Key founded?

what is golden key chapter standards

January 28, 2019. Speak to the Advisor at your Chapter about your Golden Key fee being subsidized. International Leadership Council - comprised of a president, vice president, secretary, alumni member and student member, elected by chapter voting delegates.

You are entitled to participate in all the activities of your new chapter, because your Golden Key membership is transferable to any Golden Key chapter in the world.

Applications for the Key Chapter Award can be found here. Did you attend any local chapter activities or meetings?

what is golden key chapter standards

Golden Key is the world's largest honour society and is a mission focused, values based and demographics driven organization. Please note that partial payment can not be made to Golden Key. Like Loading...

Frequently Asked Questions

Check out the Screenr webcast to learn how to report your events and earn your chapter status for 2013: When and how was Golden Key founded? This e-mail will contain your Golden Key Membership Number. No applications will be accepted after 30 November each year.

what is golden key chapter standards

Please update all contact information on the web site: There are a number of possible reasons:. Please disregard the invitation and update your information with us at: Emphasis is placed on academic achievement, participation in university activities, demonstrated leadership, community service involvement and participation in extracurricular activities. VAT o R585.

Your invitation could be lost in the mail. We know you are doing wonderful things on campus, and want to learn about them! To enable members to realize their potential through the advancement of academics, leadership and service.