What is default condition

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This prevents the possibility of, for example, a maintainer later putting a call after the variable declaration but before the variable is properly initialized.

IsB return "B"; if myObject.

what is default condition

By writing your code by initializing and avoiding the branch to the else clause, you avoid gratuitously polluting the branch prediction table. Although I never used this technique, 'final' keyword can ensure that the variable is initialized only once in Java.

SAP Query- default condition

That means both of your examples are wrong. Otherwise, there is no way to give you a decent advice. Coffee or Tea? Could a programmer have wrong expectations when confronted with either solution e.

what is default condition

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what is default condition

In other words, the variable should never contain either a wrong value or a garbage value. In your short example, it's fairly obvious those statements are a group, but over time there is nothing preventing people from putting several unrelated statements in between.

what is default condition

This question would probably belong to codereview. Linked 781. WIll this Return 'D' if none of the conditions is true? Not quite the same, as I'm aiming here for readability rather than efficiency; this may be easier to follow for future developers of your system:. Aug 11 '12 at 23: No, this is a matter of readability and nothing else.

Definition of Default Condition

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Why do you need to know the type? Gary Buyn Gary Buyn 2,445 13 15. Only one of these columns will be true and that will determine the type of that object.