What is cod is mean the average

What do you think is the average k/d across every COD player?

Latest news Feb. Player 1: And people wonder say that players who are good have no life. Table 1: The anaerobic line at Glen valley results in the discharge of secondary sludge.

Nkegbe , S. So as the AT operates efficiently denitrification as well as nutrients removal takes place in addition to COD removal which cumulatively lead to breakdown of organic matter to the elements of N 2 , C as Co 2 , P as Po 4 etc.

what is cod is mean the average

This was initially thought to be responsible for the below average performance of the digesters as a result of lack of adequate carbonates to neutralise the volatile organic acid s being produced to create the necessary pH conditions. Table 1 shows that an average of 952577400 L of effluent was received monthly during the study period containing an average load of 1950.

Overfishing has started a process in which the cod spend their energy on reproducing themselves rather than on growing bigger. Nov 11, 2011 Messages: Make sure this is what you intended.

Sewage Parameters 7: Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD)

Oh and if anyone out there wants to tell me that 1. How to cite this article: For general COD load removal, not much was expected within this part along the treatment line since only a brief aeration and grit, primary sludge removal takes place. Discharge of effluent of high COD load into the environment or water courses could lead to the reduction in dissolved oxygen to aquatic flora and fauna.

Most read articles Feb. But it's all still relative overall. That's my co-d!

Would the COD community average K/D be <1.00?

When a COD returns to his homeland, the relationship is funded via Western Union , with the girl sending a stock standard email in return. Jan 6, 2014 17. The closed reflux method of sample digestion and titrimetric method as outlined in [5] was used to determine the COD loads of the test samples.

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what is cod is mean the average

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what is cod is mean the average